Track lighting

Track lighting fixtures and lockable cupboards are very practical in a changeing room or storage room. You can install track lighting in any tight space or hard to reach areas. The uniqueness of the track lighting is its capability to perform many functions making it extremely versatile. The track will supplies power all along its length, making it possible for you to place the heads any way you desire.

Track lighting and changing room lockers can be installed along the ceilings or high wall allowing you to focus the light on anything or anywhere you want to draw attention. You can use track lighting to illuminate your favorite piece of art, or antique, so that others can notice and admire it.

Attractive and functional cloakroom benches:

Functional and attractive, you can find track lighting fixtures in any shapes and sizes you desire, from ultra modern to that which resembles turn-of-the century, any style to fit any décor. First, select a track head, which best fits your décor. There are numerous varieties of lamps, which can be used with a track system, including low voltage, halogen, fluorescent, and halide lamps. The type of lamp you choose will depend on the strength of light you want in the room and whether or not heat from the lamps will be an issue

There are several parts to a track lighting fixture and garage storage such as the switch, form services panel, wire connectors, hot wire, wire in-connector, cover plate, mounting screw, toggle bolt, cover, and the contact blade.

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